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In my on-going attempt to find work examples from my mirky past, I had been a bit grumpy at the prospect of hunting through lots of cd’s etc. I already realised that when I moved to Portugal in 2002 I had also shipped all my work folders some archived on CD’s but others still on hard drives on what is now a relatively ancient Mac. The idea of looking into the electronic cubby holes in search of past glories (work wise) seemed daunting but I have found a few interesting bit and pieces and in the finding been reminded of the lovely clients that I dealt with and the enjoyable time spent developing the work. Here are a couple of British Airports Authority projects (or bits of them) that I did back in the 1990’s, a great client to work for!.

one of several posters, also used as 48 sheet formats

logo for BAA Heathrow ‘ease the squeeze’ advertising campaign one of several posters, also used as 48 sheet formats

one of many BAA brochures designed and produced in the 1990's


This is a thankless task one that takes time that could be better spent producing new work but needs must…

Warner Brothers Kids Store in Store

3D modelled design for a 'store-in-store' Warner Bros promotion

1 of 20+ keyframes for 'Tropicana' TV commercial pitch

part of a large pitch document for BAA tendering for Oman Airport


background for animatic scene

magic marker drawing for test animatic

event logo for RasGas

I will continue off and on to search for more pieces.

Someone told me recently to ‘not hide my light under a bushel’ ??? I sort of understand this but only when I need to earn money to support my art practice or pay the mortgage!

So in an effort to help myself in this mission I have decided to try and find examples of all those years of sweat and tears. The problem with this task is that in the past I was always busy and never spent or had the time to archive  my  work specimens, I never thought that I would need to present myself and my work in order to gain the next project. BUT after 4 years of self imposed exile living in Portugal followed by another 2 years of study at university I find that all has changed. Oh how I wish that I had spent time creating an easily accessed library!!

The last few months have been spent producing first stage designs for two commercial projects as well as drawings for my ‘art practice’ next exhibition.

T-shirt chest image

A1 'magic totem' hand coloured silk screen (limited edition of 20) print

One of many in the 'Magician' series

‘Dancing Demon’ brand development