I want to tell you about a very strange dream,

so unusual that I kept thinking,  just what did that mean?


It was a sudden change in the state of affairs, a change so very abrupt.

When I consider it now, the affect, the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.


I dreamt that I awoke after a night, when I experienced a very long sleep,

awoke to a world in which everything had changed with implications so deep.


All the rich and the powerful, in every part of the world, had had a mindset change,

became disinterested in profit and the result was ever so unusually strange.


It was as if everyone of them had taken some kind of magic pill,

taken because of the way capitalism had made them all so very ill.


The whole basis of understanding and their reason had changed overnight

and they decided that ideas originated by Karl Marx were indeed right.


So I had awoken to a whole world where capitalism was dead

Now how did that silly idea get into my head?