To all ‘Sugar-coated’ loudmouths.


To all the overpaid prats and the selfish rich twats.

To the leaching gits with their upperclass twits.

To the self-righteous highfliers and scumbag liers.

To the gambling cheats and the powerful elites.

To the city bankers and all jerk-off greedy wankers.

To the sweatshop tyrants and their lousy compliants.

To the despotic dictators and right-wing psycho orators.

To the millionaire slobs and the city-boy braggard yobs.

To all obnoxious cunts and their creative economic stunts.

To the off-shore tax-evaders and the debauched speculators.

To the aristocratic obscenes, all the kings and the queens.

To the corrupt media reporters and information distorters.

To the billionaire rich with their accumulation itch.

To the accountant fiddlers, the cheats and the swindlers.

To the fascist supporters and the police state enforcers.

To the killers, the muggers, all warmongering buggers.

To the political double crossers and the spin-doctor tossers.

To the half-wit politicians with their expenses omissions.

To the backbiting smoozers and the wannabe losers.

To the racist shit bags and their ignorant hate slags.

To the masters of austerity tricks, the spineless with no dicks.

To the privileged few, always we find at the front of the queue.


To all the arseholes and sleeze-bags who steal your children’s future.


For all that they have done and continue, still to deceive you and to spin you.


We need to wake because of it we are ever so tired,

We need to wake up and say, “no you go, YOU’RE FIRED!”